Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10 - Cell Phones

This picture will remind me all about today when I look back at it. Which I'm hoping will be a good thing by then. This is a poor, poor picture of Zac's cell phone and yet here it is :)

Cell phones are simply amazing to my simple brain. Honestly they are some what of a miracle to me. With them you can be available at any time, in any place at a moments notice.  But do you really want to be available all the time?

I know that's often the question running through Zac's head. My answer is "Yes, yes you do. That is what you have the cell phone for. So I know where you are at ALL times."  Zac's answer: "I'd rather answer it when I want to and text you at all other times."

Cell phones can be such a help and such a hindrance too. With them you feel the ability to be connected to anyone, any where at a seconds notice. Yet, without them you feel lost and disconnected. As I'm sure Zac did today and will feel that way  tomorrow as well :(

It provides distractions in ways I never even knew as a teenager. It requires learning a whole new etiquette and with it comes an entire new set of rules that we are making up as we go along.

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