Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Native American Indian Scouts :)

Tonight was scouts again. Den Meeting to be exact! These meetings always make me nervous. Did you remember that I have 10 scouts? Well now I have 13!  Yes, that's 13 eight year old scouts!!  Well each time I meet with them it gets easier. This last meeting we talked about Native American Indians. I found a great story about Indian families online. Each scout took a turn reading. Then we'd talk about the paragraph they read. After that was done, we made Indian vests.  Each boy needed to come up with an Indian name to put on their vest. They had to use the pictures from their books. It turned out great. I think they really liked it.

And their favorite thing?  To play tag after while we're waiting for the parents to pick them up. I helped by being it - talk about great exercise, those boys run fast!!  AND. . . . . I forgot to take my camera, so Hayden posed for me in his cute Indian vest when we got home.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happiness Boost

Need a happiness boost?  Get yourself a hammock. It brings instant happiness - just look at these "boys" feeling the hammock happiness.  (I know you're probably sick of seeing posts about the hammocks but I love it!!)  The Peterson's came by for a visit and to get some shelves for their garage (yay! yay! yay!) When they came in to talk for a minute, they couldn't resist and had to hop in. Don't they look like little boys just laying there chatting with each other. Smiles, everyone!  Smiles!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cleaning Bug

So today I felt a little bit antsy. I had no plans for my long weekend. I wanted to have fun. I thought of many things we could do. But some of us were in a recession so that meant no money could be spent for our activities. Hmmmfffff :(  So. . . no fun to be had. Instead I caught a cleaning bug. I truly wished that happened more often. I usually get it done as fast as I can and call it good.

This time it started with cleaning dishes. When I put the dirty rag and dirty dish towels on top of the washing machine I noticed that the floor in the hallway needed to be sweeped. So then I swept up the hallway. When that was done I noticed it really needed to be cleaned too, so I mopped it. When took me back to the kitchen and I swept and mopped that floor too. While I was in the kitchen cleaning the floor I noticed the fridge was looking pretty dingy. So. . . I began cleaning the fridge. I started with the handles and then washed down the front. When I got to the bottom, I noticed the grill or the vents at the bottom - were really dirty.

So. . . . I pulled off that vent thingy and washed it. When I pulled it off I could see under the fridge and I saw so much dust and gunk!!  So I had to vacuum it out. But I couldn't get to the back, so I had to pull it out. GROSS the floor was disgusting - seriously how does so much gunk get under here.  So I cleaned it up and pushed it back in. Whew. . . . . . feels good!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Preparations

For the past three years now I have been involved in Memorial Day preparations at the Herriman Cemetery. I have been assigned the Cemetery as part of my job at work. I accept applications for burial, I help people purchase plots and I'm to maintain the cemetery records. Along with that I have been asked to help put up plaques at the cemetery in preparation for Memorial Day. The first time I was asked to do it I have to admit I was a little put out. We had planned to make use of the long weekend and my plans were interrupted. But after I was done helping I felt a great sense of guilt for acting that way. I felt great for having been there and was glad I was able to help.

This year I recruited Zac to come and help me. It rained on us. But we had a lot of help and we finished quickly.  The cemetery looks beautiful. I was glad I could help out.

The verdict is still out with Zac :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Outside exercising is back in full swing! I love it! I never thought I'd love it so much, but I do. It really does make you feel great.

I use to say that I didn't understand that comment when people would say how great they felt after exercise. Are you kidding me?  I NEVER feel great after I exercise. I'm all sweaty, my heart is racing, sometimes I actually feel like I'm going to puke. All I wanna do is have a shower. However, after I have that shower I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I feel good that I did it! I also notice that I have more energy the rest of the day and often I sleep better. The biggest bonus is when I loose weight or just maintain it.

Walking for me is the best. I do like the exercise videos, I like running up and down stairs too. Somehow, though walking is better it does more for me. I need to try and run every other time. I'd really like to be a runner. So far, there is not much success for me there. I'm going to try hard though this summer to become a runner :D

But for now, walking is the ticket for me :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UPD Motors Squad

Today was the UPD Motors Squad Luncheon and they had it at the city.  I walked outside and saw their bikes lined up and thought that was too cool not to take a picture.

Pretty neat.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mikee Dee's

Hayden said that his friend asked him if they'd eaten at the McDonald's yet? Hayden told him no. That isn't right, we have eaten there twice already. Then he went on to explain, well he wondered if we'd eaten inside. Which we haven't. So. . . when the boys asked me if we could go inside McDonald's tonight for dinner, I caved. 

You have to know that McDonald's is not my favorite place to eat. I think it's fun for the kids. I like the food - it tastes sooooo good to me. However, if I'm honest about it, I never feel so good after I've eaten there. Which makes not want to eat there.

Like I said before though, I caved. I should've taken pictures "inside" since that was the point of going there tonight, but they wanted a picture in front of the fountain.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hammock Happiness Ü

Ta Da!! It's done!!  It's finished!! It's "le magnifique"!!  Wahoo!! I love how it turned out. Don't you?  I can just see it now in my back yard fancying it up!!  I think it turned out fabulous!! Jeffrey is amazing. This would be a PERFECT present for father's day. Why didn't I think of that. Jeffrey is always being so thoughtful I am learning lots from him.

This hammock is going to bring lots of happiness Ü guaranteed!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Got Jacks?

Friday night we hung out with the Peterson's and Gma & Gpa Simmons were there visiting. They are so great. They make us feel a part of the family. Well Annie had been playing with jacks and wanted her Gma to play with her. So she sat down on the floor and began playing. She told us all to play - we'd sit in a big circle on the floor. So Josh and I scooted up. Hayden and Isaac too, but they didn't last long. I need to teach my boys how to play jacks I thought. I've never even tried that with them.

Josh gave it a try too. Gma Simmons was such a great teacher. She was patient and encouraging. Josh caught on pretty fast.

Well today, he's been practicing all day. He's getting good. He got through his onesies and on to his twosies.  Great job Josh. Keep trying, you'll be a champ at jacks soon.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today was Josh's 2nd to last game of the season. It was an awesome game for his team. They played well together. They had some great plays. They worked as a team. Josh was more aggressive than I've seen him play all year. Which is AWESOME!! It made me feel like this soccer experience has really paid off.

The team he played was very competitive but it seemed they just could get set up for a goal. Josh's team just skunked them. 8 to 0. It was awesome for Josh's team!  Way to go Josh - you did awesome!!

Josh's cute coach and a great friend Jessey. Thanks for being a great coach - you've taught these kids how to work together as a team and treat each other respectfully. Thanks so much!!  YOU ROCK!!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Lookee, lookee, Jeffrey figured it out. The hammock is almost done. Remember the post about how dad can bend wood. Jeffrey did it and he figured it out all by himself. I don't think he realizes how cool that is. I would have no idea how to make something like this. Jeff, on the other hand, sets his mind to do something and he figures it out. He never ceases to amaze me with the talent he has in his hands and his abilities.

Now, with the first one done, he wants to make at least two more and then he'll see. He is amazing! Couldn't wait to show you the finished product. It's so close now. All he has left to do is sand it and put on a UV protection.

Isn't is beautiful!! I think it looks like a piece of art.

It's so cool that his idea can become a reality. Awesome!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Make Up Game

Tonight Hayden had a soccer game. I have to admit I didn't think we'd have to go because it's been raining all week long. Literally all week. It hasn't let up. So when the rain stopped today around 4p (yay!! :D ) I thought, we'd probably be very busy tonight. I was so glad it stopped though. We actually saw some sun. Hayden wasn't so sure he was glad it stopped. I think having a game later in the day was hard on him. He seemed so tired. But they pulled it off, barely, they tied. That works!!

This was his half time treat - banana's on a skewer sprinkled with candies. Hayden wasn't so sure about trying them. His coach is in the background of this picture. He's been great with the team.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Library Chimes ♪♫

Today I took the kids over to the Library. They were so excited. Today I took the opportunity to do something easy, free and fun. Plus it made the boys so happy and we were only there for probably there for less than an hour. It's amazing how happy it made the boys. I loved it!

And guess what we found?  The chimes. I've looked for them a couple of times now but never found them. Today we did. The kids thought it was so cool and we were the center of attention for a little while. We had people all around us watching on. I think that is so cool that they would put something like this here. Fun! :D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winter PJ's

Okay. . .really?!!  This is not very funny!!  Remember my post from yesterday. Well today it really, truly did snow!! Really truly!! Wish I had a picture for proof, but I didn't think about it when it was happening. I think I was in shock. They were some seriously BIG OLD snowflakes coming down too. It was just crazy.

Anyway. . .hence the Winter PJ's tonight. They were a must. It's COLD, so FREAKIN' COLD for May. So I had to put them on. Cause I like to sleep warm. Goodnight. Snuggle Tight.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Snow!! Seriously?!!

No not really, THANK GOODNESS!! But doesn't it look like snow though?  This is all from our neighbors BEAutiful trees next door. They are in full bloom and today being so windy they are loosing their blossoms. It literally looked like snow in our lawn. Kind of funny if you ask me.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Way to Wear Your Tie

Josh is our goofy boy. He often has my family Laughing Out Loud. He always seems to be saying or doing something funny (even when it's not always very appropriate). I always end up laughing too. He can always make me laugh even when I'm supposed to be more serious. 

Well Sunday morning while getting ready for church he was sort of in a slump and glooming around. When I asked him what was wrong, he said he couldn't find his church clothes. I quickly remembered them hanging in Hayden's room because I had been cleaning up after our trip and had lazily hung them with Hayden's clothes. I guess they never made it down to the right spot. All was avoided. I continued getting ready when here came Josh again. This time to show me new ways to wear his tie. This was my favorite one. I wonder if it will stick.

Of course as soon as we walked out the door, he put it on the "proper" way guess we'll never know.  LOL 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grape Juice in the Making

I'm so excited to see these buds and new leaves. This is grape juice in the making people!

Part of the reason for my excitement is that last year our grapes got some sort of blight. They leaves looked all moldy. The grapes looked more like raisins and we didn't get one that seemed worth taking the risk to even taste. The year before we had a ton of grapes we were so excited to do grape juice. I remember seeing them at the beginning of the week and thinking this is the weekend to bottle some juice.

However, to my dismay at the end of the week when I was asking Jeff where everything was to get ready for juice tomorrow he said, "nope they are all gone."

I remember doubting him and thinking he was teasing me something awful. I said, "what do you mean they're all gone?"

     He again repeated, "The grapes are all gone! The birds got to them"

     I said, "Come on! There's got to be some left they didn't eat ALL of them!"

     He said again, "Honey they are ALL gone."

I had to go look for myself. I looked all through those vines. I pulled up the leaves, I stuck my head in the leaves and I could not find one single solitary grape! I was in shock! I could not believe those birds got every last one!!

So here's a special NOTE for me right now:

*** NOTE TO SELF ***  Buy and put up netting this year so birds don't eat them before you can juice them!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Hooter Ring

My sister gave me this darling new owl ring for my b-day!! Wow what a surprise! That was so nice of her!! I think that she has great taste in jewelry. I also think that she was super thoughtful to remember my new ♥ for owls and contribute to my collection Ü

She taught me two things with this present. First, it pays to be thoughtful both to the giver and the receiver! Second, blogger tells you a lot about someone and can be a great tool to let you know what they might like.
BTW . . . . when did my hands get so wrinkly?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Up Popped the Tulips

Lots and lots of tulip bulbs planted in the ground
Waiting very quietly without a sound

The sun came up and the rain came down
And up popped tulips out of the ground

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Smiles

If I had've planned better, I would have taken this day off too, but I didn't and so it's off to work for my birthday. Last year I took the day off for my b-day which was totally cool.

I could pretend that our trip was for my b-day, but it really wasn't. I tried to act like it was no big deal if we didn't celebrate it, it was just another day. But that wasn't working. Then Jeffrey showed up at work with a bouquet of big red tulips. They were beautiful! It brought a big ol' smile to my face and made me feel special. Then we went out to lunch together.

Then after lunch I went back to work and Berneen and Annika came by with fun purple flowers for me. They were so pretty and again it brought a smile to my face and made me feel special. That was very thoughtful of them.

Well the smiles didn't stop there. When I left to go home I saw that Berneen & Annie had decorated my car with balloons and a b-day message on the back window. That smile was a big one!! I couldn't wipe that smile off my face. I had it all the way home! I thought that was so much fun!!

When I got home Jenny came over for a visit and brought me a Hooter Ring! So cute and such a great surprise! Did I tell you that brought big smiles to my face, how thoughtful of her!

Then I decided to invite Berneen and Steve to come with us for a last minute b-day dinner. Going out to eat on your b-day is a tradition around here! We went to Wingers it was delicious!

My day turned out to be full of smiles and b-day surprises. ♥

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Comin' Home

I didn't take many pictures today because it would have been of the plane. Guess I could have snagged one of those self portraits, but I didn't do it. I did notice that Jeffrey snagged this one and so here it is. A sign in the airport one on the way home. Kinda makes me sad to leave. It's been so fun. Wish I could figure out how to live in Hawaii 3-4 months out of the year, every year. That would be so awesome. I guess that's my new goal.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Painted Bark Eucalyptus Trees

We kept driving by these trees every day and finally on the last day we were going to be here I made them pull over off the side of the road and let me take a picture.  These trees were fascinating to me. They look like someone has splattered a bunch of fluorescent paint all over the trunk of the tree. I couldn't believe that this was real.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8 - Ancient Cave

Sunday morning and it's still pouring rain. Despite that we got ready for church. I thought it would be neat to go to church in Kauai for Mother's Day. Maybe they'd have a beautiful lea for us. So we were all ready to go and off we went. However, the excitement of it all came to a fast crash.

The road was closed. The ONLY road to church was closed. Booooo :( Which made us all nervous that our plans to sail the Napali Coast today might not happen either. Hmmmmfff :(

Well we tried to just make the best of it. The guys made us Hawaiian Pancakes for a Yum-O Mother's Day breakfast. Awww. . .sweet!!  Then we decided to go forward with our plans to go sailing. We called the company and they said that side of the island was fine and there should be no problems going on our sail today. So we got some snacks together and off we went. With high hopes.

As we drove the rain seemed to be getting lighter. It even stopped in some spots along the way. We had high hopes, but alas, it wasn't meant to be - as we were getting closer to our destination, I got a call that it was cancelled. Booooo #2

So instead of that we decided to go beach combing. The beaches over here seemed a little junkier. There were lots of plastic things that lined the sea shore. However, amidst the junk, we found sea beans. Big seed pods that are dark brown and shiny. They were all over the shore. Jeff decided this was going to be his treasure this year. So we all helped him collect the sea beans.

Kendal also happened upon this really cool cave. The guy that gave you a little tour was almost about to close up he came to find us and hurry us along. The cave looked so ancient to me. I think it was the highlight of today.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7 - I Did It!!

Okay, so just a little background here for a minute. I can't swim. I really can't. I know my limitations in the water and I still can have fun in a swimming pool. I play around a bit and can sometimes make it across the pool once or twice, but I can't swim.

So. . .when it came to the idea of snorkeling, it scared me a bit. The first time I was ever successful at it was about 4 or 5 years ago at Turtle Bay in Oahu. Emalee and Mandy were determined that I was going to experience snorkeling. They told me that they'd each take a hand and swim with me. They were so patient with me. They made me feel so comfortable. I thought that was so cool. I don't know if I ever thanked them appropriately. That experience was one I thought I'd never have again. Last year I tried to do it, but I was a chicken and I made a fool out of myself.

So this year, I decided that I was going to try again. Emalee was so good at urging me into the water. I did it!! I went snorkeling again. We had a great time at Tunnels earlier in the trip, but this beach, Hideaways Beach was the Bomb Diggity for snorkeling. Wow it was just amazing. The rocks came so close the beach. I was able to snorkel in such shallow water it was amazing. We saw so many different kinds of fish. It was so cool!! Thanks Emalee for encouraging me along. It was amazing!! I had so much fun here!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6 - When all of a Sudden, There They Were. . . . Chickens & Rooster

Here we were hanging out on a beautiful beach called Lumahai when all of a sudden, there they were. . . chickens & roosters!! Too funny. It just cracked me right up.

This was often the case. It was so funny. Seriously, everywhere you were you would find chickens and roosters. Everywhere!!

We thought we should try to take pictures of them and make a book "Roosters of Kauai" what do you think?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5 - Pathway to Paradise is Paved with Potholes

So today I decided that the pathway to paradise is paved with potholes. We decided to take a drive out to the Polihale Beach. Instead of hiking down a path to get to this beach, we had to drive down a road that was full of potholes. Wow, I don't think any part of it was missed. It seemed like it would go on forever too. Emalee kept insisting us that it was worth it. We all got quite a chuckle out of driving like we were in a Porsche instead of a Jeep. Something was wrong with one of the shocks in the Jeep so we felt like we had to take the road carefully instead of going 50 mph to make it smoother.

This beach had to be my favorite one for just enjoying the view and the beauty that surrounds you. Yep, this one is my favorite beach so far. It has beautiful white sand and the water was such a perfect color of aqua blue, not to mention the view all around you was breath taking. The Napali Coast was your background. If we weren't all feeling a bit burned from yesterday we would have just laid out and soaked up the sun. Somehow we managed to be ready to layout at straight up noon. Which is the worst possible time to get burned. So we ate some lunch and then just played around here.

Emalee gave us a funny snugy run as we all strolled along the edge of the waves. We had found ourselves a bit of paradise. Isn't it funny to compare this to life for a minute. Sometimes I guess it takes going down a hard road to get to paradise. I hope the hard road we're traveling on at home will end in a beautiful paradise like this soon :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4 - Menehune's Rock Pile Beach

Today we went on a 2.5 mile hike to get to the Hanakapi'ai Beach. Not bad you say. I even heard myself say, "Oh that should be a piece of cake." Ummmm not so much. It was straight up in some parts and straight down in others. Then up on angles and down on angles. Then it was slippery and muddy and jungly. That might sound like I'm complaining a bit, but truly I'm not. I'm just trying to describe the windy, wild path we took. You had to make sure your feet were placed just right so you didn't slip off the edge. Sometimes I had to switch feet and put my left foot down first or my right one up first. I had to be sure I could get to the next step without falling down. 

The way there (I can't really say the way up because it was up and down and up and down) was easier for me. I think it's cause I had to stop A LOT to take pictures you can go here to more of them it's beautiful. I guess that provided lots of resting too.

When were nearly to the beach we had to change out of shoes into crocks to make it through the water behind a big ol' rock. Then we had to cross the shore line to get to the beach. It was worth it!!  What a beautiful sight we saw. I thought this beach was so cool!  We nick named it Rock Pile Beach. Isn't that cool. I think the Menehune must have put all those markers there.

The trek back was not so easy on me.  We were bookin' it because we wanted to watch the sun set on the Keé Beach. I don't know exactly what happened to me, but on the way back down I felt like a big ol' wimpy girl. I was having troubles with my knees.  That's never happened to me before. It seemed like the shocks on the sides of my knees were all worn out. The shocks weren't providing much support for my knee. All it wanted to do was give out. It wasn't providing any bounce or control. I felt like I wanted to bend my knee all the way, not just a little bit and straighten it back up like I had to do. Wowsee. . .my knees were killing me!!  They were burning and hurting bad. I tried so hard to make it without a tear, instead I had my own little waterfall by the time I reached the bottom. However, it didn't last long. After all I was in paradise right.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3 - Kilauea Lighthouse

We were told very lovingly that "Maybe you'll wanna go to the Kilauea Lighthouse on Monday or Tuesday before we get there." So we dutifully obeyed that request.  When we got out there it wasn't open yet.  It didn't open until ten. I think we were there about 7:50a or just after 8a. We had already been up for probably two hours too and thought we'd be the first ones there so we could get down to it quickly. Not so. There were a handful of other people taking pictures from the view point too. Realizing it wasn't open yet. 

(Just a quick side note, it seems like a lot of things in Kauai don't open until after 10a. I guess it's the spirit of Aloha or maybe the hang loose attitude there. I would love that as an employee though you could have more time to enjoy your mornings).  

Anywhoooo. . .so we decided the pictures we got there would have to do. It really was a pretty view but I must say the lighthouse looked like it had some to be desired. Not the coolest one I've ever seen. But it's view is pretty wouldn't you say?

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2 - A View From the Lanai

Lookee lookee, this is going to be our new condo while we're in Kauai. It is just a beautiful condo. (I'm just going to say this right now and get it over with........This particular week of My 365 is going to be super hard only showing you one picture a day. I'm going to want to show them all.  I may have a cheat a little on some days. Just sayin')

This is the view from our Lanai. Isn't that such a fun word to say? We have a Lanai. Come see the view from the lanai. We are so close to the pool and hot tub which is such a nice bonus!!

The landscaping here is beautiful. There are so many different kinds of bushes and shrubs. They all seem to have flowers in them. Even the very end of every little pine needle has a red little tiny flower.

I can tell already tell, this trip is going to be so much fun.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1 - I Miss Them Already

We decided that the boys needed to get to where they were going on Sunday night. It would be much easier than leaving them here and having someone come and get them or getting them somewhere in the morning. Our flight left at 6:40a meaning we would need to leave about 4:40a to get to the airport on time and not feel rushed.

So, Sunday night we had everyone packed up and ready to go. We had Mother's Day presents ready because we were going to be in Kauai this year for that. So, Rose was so nice and she came and got the kids for us. It allowed us a little more time to fit everything in. She is so thoughtful.

Hayden got a little teary but he was ready to go when he got in the van, so no worries. Josh and Hayden are really going to have their own little vacation while we're gone. Rose is such a fun Aunt.

Then we took Zac to Jen's house. They had a room all ready for him. So he was all set. They talked with him about some fun things they had planned like eating out a few times and Karen's b-day party. It sounded like Zac would have some fun while we were gone too. 

Zac really did want to just stay home by himself. I remember thinking, I wonder if he could this time. Then realized he's just not quite old enough. And even when he is old enough, I'd still worry about "secret parties" while were gone. I truly can't imagine him doing that, but I'm not sure if I'll ever feel comfortable leaving him home with his brothers while we vacation. That thought is so weird right now.

I have to say it, it felt weird leaving them early tonight. After all, we weren't actually leaving until tomorrow. On the other hand I can't imagine how it would have worked out if we had've tried in the morning. This way was so much easier for everyone involved. I miss them already. 

Sort of ;)