Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Smiles

If I had've planned better, I would have taken this day off too, but I didn't and so it's off to work for my birthday. Last year I took the day off for my b-day which was totally cool.

I could pretend that our trip was for my b-day, but it really wasn't. I tried to act like it was no big deal if we didn't celebrate it, it was just another day. But that wasn't working. Then Jeffrey showed up at work with a bouquet of big red tulips. They were beautiful! It brought a big ol' smile to my face and made me feel special. Then we went out to lunch together.

Then after lunch I went back to work and Berneen and Annika came by with fun purple flowers for me. They were so pretty and again it brought a smile to my face and made me feel special. That was very thoughtful of them.

Well the smiles didn't stop there. When I left to go home I saw that Berneen & Annie had decorated my car with balloons and a b-day message on the back window. That smile was a big one!! I couldn't wipe that smile off my face. I had it all the way home! I thought that was so much fun!!

When I got home Jenny came over for a visit and brought me a Hooter Ring! So cute and such a great surprise! Did I tell you that brought big smiles to my face, how thoughtful of her!

Then I decided to invite Berneen and Steve to come with us for a last minute b-day dinner. Going out to eat on your b-day is a tradition around here! We went to Wingers it was delicious!

My day turned out to be full of smiles and b-day surprises. ♥

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