Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5 - Pathway to Paradise is Paved with Potholes

So today I decided that the pathway to paradise is paved with potholes. We decided to take a drive out to the Polihale Beach. Instead of hiking down a path to get to this beach, we had to drive down a road that was full of potholes. Wow, I don't think any part of it was missed. It seemed like it would go on forever too. Emalee kept insisting us that it was worth it. We all got quite a chuckle out of driving like we were in a Porsche instead of a Jeep. Something was wrong with one of the shocks in the Jeep so we felt like we had to take the road carefully instead of going 50 mph to make it smoother.

This beach had to be my favorite one for just enjoying the view and the beauty that surrounds you. Yep, this one is my favorite beach so far. It has beautiful white sand and the water was such a perfect color of aqua blue, not to mention the view all around you was breath taking. The Napali Coast was your background. If we weren't all feeling a bit burned from yesterday we would have just laid out and soaked up the sun. Somehow we managed to be ready to layout at straight up noon. Which is the worst possible time to get burned. So we ate some lunch and then just played around here.

Emalee gave us a funny snugy run as we all strolled along the edge of the waves. We had found ourselves a bit of paradise. Isn't it funny to compare this to life for a minute. Sometimes I guess it takes going down a hard road to get to paradise. I hope the hard road we're traveling on at home will end in a beautiful paradise like this soon :)

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