Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4 - Menehune's Rock Pile Beach

Today we went on a 2.5 mile hike to get to the Hanakapi'ai Beach. Not bad you say. I even heard myself say, "Oh that should be a piece of cake." Ummmm not so much. It was straight up in some parts and straight down in others. Then up on angles and down on angles. Then it was slippery and muddy and jungly. That might sound like I'm complaining a bit, but truly I'm not. I'm just trying to describe the windy, wild path we took. You had to make sure your feet were placed just right so you didn't slip off the edge. Sometimes I had to switch feet and put my left foot down first or my right one up first. I had to be sure I could get to the next step without falling down. 

The way there (I can't really say the way up because it was up and down and up and down) was easier for me. I think it's cause I had to stop A LOT to take pictures you can go here to more of them it's beautiful. I guess that provided lots of resting too.

When were nearly to the beach we had to change out of shoes into crocks to make it through the water behind a big ol' rock. Then we had to cross the shore line to get to the beach. It was worth it!!  What a beautiful sight we saw. I thought this beach was so cool!  We nick named it Rock Pile Beach. Isn't that cool. I think the Menehune must have put all those markers there.

The trek back was not so easy on me.  We were bookin' it because we wanted to watch the sun set on the Keé Beach. I don't know exactly what happened to me, but on the way back down I felt like a big ol' wimpy girl. I was having troubles with my knees.  That's never happened to me before. It seemed like the shocks on the sides of my knees were all worn out. The shocks weren't providing much support for my knee. All it wanted to do was give out. It wasn't providing any bounce or control. I felt like I wanted to bend my knee all the way, not just a little bit and straighten it back up like I had to do. Wowsee. . .my knees were killing me!!  They were burning and hurting bad. I tried so hard to make it without a tear, instead I had my own little waterfall by the time I reached the bottom. However, it didn't last long. After all I was in paradise right.

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