Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3 - Kilauea Lighthouse

We were told very lovingly that "Maybe you'll wanna go to the Kilauea Lighthouse on Monday or Tuesday before we get there." So we dutifully obeyed that request.  When we got out there it wasn't open yet.  It didn't open until ten. I think we were there about 7:50a or just after 8a. We had already been up for probably two hours too and thought we'd be the first ones there so we could get down to it quickly. Not so. There were a handful of other people taking pictures from the view point too. Realizing it wasn't open yet. 

(Just a quick side note, it seems like a lot of things in Kauai don't open until after 10a. I guess it's the spirit of Aloha or maybe the hang loose attitude there. I would love that as an employee though you could have more time to enjoy your mornings).  

Anywhoooo. . .so we decided the pictures we got there would have to do. It really was a pretty view but I must say the lighthouse looked like it had some to be desired. Not the coolest one I've ever seen. But it's view is pretty wouldn't you say?

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