Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2 - A View From the Lanai

Lookee lookee, this is going to be our new condo while we're in Kauai. It is just a beautiful condo. (I'm just going to say this right now and get it over with........This particular week of My 365 is going to be super hard only showing you one picture a day. I'm going to want to show them all.  I may have a cheat a little on some days. Just sayin')

This is the view from our Lanai. Isn't that such a fun word to say? We have a Lanai. Come see the view from the lanai. We are so close to the pool and hot tub which is such a nice bonus!!

The landscaping here is beautiful. There are so many different kinds of bushes and shrubs. They all seem to have flowers in them. Even the very end of every little pine needle has a red little tiny flower.

I can tell already tell, this trip is going to be so much fun.

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