Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1 - I Miss Them Already

We decided that the boys needed to get to where they were going on Sunday night. It would be much easier than leaving them here and having someone come and get them or getting them somewhere in the morning. Our flight left at 6:40a meaning we would need to leave about 4:40a to get to the airport on time and not feel rushed.

So, Sunday night we had everyone packed up and ready to go. We had Mother's Day presents ready because we were going to be in Kauai this year for that. So, Rose was so nice and she came and got the kids for us. It allowed us a little more time to fit everything in. She is so thoughtful.

Hayden got a little teary but he was ready to go when he got in the van, so no worries. Josh and Hayden are really going to have their own little vacation while we're gone. Rose is such a fun Aunt.

Then we took Zac to Jen's house. They had a room all ready for him. So he was all set. They talked with him about some fun things they had planned like eating out a few times and Karen's b-day party. It sounded like Zac would have some fun while we were gone too. 

Zac really did want to just stay home by himself. I remember thinking, I wonder if he could this time. Then realized he's just not quite old enough. And even when he is old enough, I'd still worry about "secret parties" while were gone. I truly can't imagine him doing that, but I'm not sure if I'll ever feel comfortable leaving him home with his brothers while we vacation. That thought is so weird right now.

I have to say it, it felt weird leaving them early tonight. After all, we weren't actually leaving until tomorrow. On the other hand I can't imagine how it would have worked out if we had've tried in the morning. This way was so much easier for everyone involved. I miss them already. 

Sort of ;)

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