Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grape Juice in the Making

I'm so excited to see these buds and new leaves. This is grape juice in the making people!

Part of the reason for my excitement is that last year our grapes got some sort of blight. They leaves looked all moldy. The grapes looked more like raisins and we didn't get one that seemed worth taking the risk to even taste. The year before we had a ton of grapes we were so excited to do grape juice. I remember seeing them at the beginning of the week and thinking this is the weekend to bottle some juice.

However, to my dismay at the end of the week when I was asking Jeff where everything was to get ready for juice tomorrow he said, "nope they are all gone."

I remember doubting him and thinking he was teasing me something awful. I said, "what do you mean they're all gone?"

     He again repeated, "The grapes are all gone! The birds got to them"

     I said, "Come on! There's got to be some left they didn't eat ALL of them!"

     He said again, "Honey they are ALL gone."

I had to go look for myself. I looked all through those vines. I pulled up the leaves, I stuck my head in the leaves and I could not find one single solitary grape! I was in shock! I could not believe those birds got every last one!!

So here's a special NOTE for me right now:

*** NOTE TO SELF ***  Buy and put up netting this year so birds don't eat them before you can juice them!


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