Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Way to Wear Your Tie

Josh is our goofy boy. He often has my family Laughing Out Loud. He always seems to be saying or doing something funny (even when it's not always very appropriate). I always end up laughing too. He can always make me laugh even when I'm supposed to be more serious. 

Well Sunday morning while getting ready for church he was sort of in a slump and glooming around. When I asked him what was wrong, he said he couldn't find his church clothes. I quickly remembered them hanging in Hayden's room because I had been cleaning up after our trip and had lazily hung them with Hayden's clothes. I guess they never made it down to the right spot. All was avoided. I continued getting ready when here came Josh again. This time to show me new ways to wear his tie. This was my favorite one. I wonder if it will stick.

Of course as soon as we walked out the door, he put it on the "proper" way guess we'll never know.  LOL 

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