Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cleaning Bug

So today I felt a little bit antsy. I had no plans for my long weekend. I wanted to have fun. I thought of many things we could do. But some of us were in a recession so that meant no money could be spent for our activities. Hmmmfffff :(  So. . . no fun to be had. Instead I caught a cleaning bug. I truly wished that happened more often. I usually get it done as fast as I can and call it good.

This time it started with cleaning dishes. When I put the dirty rag and dirty dish towels on top of the washing machine I noticed that the floor in the hallway needed to be sweeped. So then I swept up the hallway. When that was done I noticed it really needed to be cleaned too, so I mopped it. When took me back to the kitchen and I swept and mopped that floor too. While I was in the kitchen cleaning the floor I noticed the fridge was looking pretty dingy. So. . . I began cleaning the fridge. I started with the handles and then washed down the front. When I got to the bottom, I noticed the grill or the vents at the bottom - were really dirty.

So. . . . I pulled off that vent thingy and washed it. When I pulled it off I could see under the fridge and I saw so much dust and gunk!!  So I had to vacuum it out. But I couldn't get to the back, so I had to pull it out. GROSS the floor was disgusting - seriously how does so much gunk get under here.  So I cleaned it up and pushed it back in. Whew. . . . . . feels good!

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