Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8 - Ancient Cave

Sunday morning and it's still pouring rain. Despite that we got ready for church. I thought it would be neat to go to church in Kauai for Mother's Day. Maybe they'd have a beautiful lea for us. So we were all ready to go and off we went. However, the excitement of it all came to a fast crash.

The road was closed. The ONLY road to church was closed. Booooo :( Which made us all nervous that our plans to sail the Napali Coast today might not happen either. Hmmmmfff :(

Well we tried to just make the best of it. The guys made us Hawaiian Pancakes for a Yum-O Mother's Day breakfast. Awww. . .sweet!!  Then we decided to go forward with our plans to go sailing. We called the company and they said that side of the island was fine and there should be no problems going on our sail today. So we got some snacks together and off we went. With high hopes.

As we drove the rain seemed to be getting lighter. It even stopped in some spots along the way. We had high hopes, but alas, it wasn't meant to be - as we were getting closer to our destination, I got a call that it was cancelled. Booooo #2

So instead of that we decided to go beach combing. The beaches over here seemed a little junkier. There were lots of plastic things that lined the sea shore. However, amidst the junk, we found sea beans. Big seed pods that are dark brown and shiny. They were all over the shore. Jeff decided this was going to be his treasure this year. So we all helped him collect the sea beans.

Kendal also happened upon this really cool cave. The guy that gave you a little tour was almost about to close up he came to find us and hurry us along. The cave looked so ancient to me. I think it was the highlight of today.

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