Sunday, May 22, 2011

Got Jacks?

Friday night we hung out with the Peterson's and Gma & Gpa Simmons were there visiting. They are so great. They make us feel a part of the family. Well Annie had been playing with jacks and wanted her Gma to play with her. So she sat down on the floor and began playing. She told us all to play - we'd sit in a big circle on the floor. So Josh and I scooted up. Hayden and Isaac too, but they didn't last long. I need to teach my boys how to play jacks I thought. I've never even tried that with them.

Josh gave it a try too. Gma Simmons was such a great teacher. She was patient and encouraging. Josh caught on pretty fast.

Well today, he's been practicing all day. He's getting good. He got through his onesies and on to his twosies.  Great job Josh. Keep trying, you'll be a champ at jacks soon.

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