Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mikee Dee's

Hayden said that his friend asked him if they'd eaten at the McDonald's yet? Hayden told him no. That isn't right, we have eaten there twice already. Then he went on to explain, well he wondered if we'd eaten inside. Which we haven't. So. . . when the boys asked me if we could go inside McDonald's tonight for dinner, I caved. 

You have to know that McDonald's is not my favorite place to eat. I think it's fun for the kids. I like the food - it tastes sooooo good to me. However, if I'm honest about it, I never feel so good after I've eaten there. Which makes not want to eat there.

Like I said before though, I caved. I should've taken pictures "inside" since that was the point of going there tonight, but they wanted a picture in front of the fountain.

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