Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Native American Indian Scouts :)

Tonight was scouts again. Den Meeting to be exact! These meetings always make me nervous. Did you remember that I have 10 scouts? Well now I have 13!  Yes, that's 13 eight year old scouts!!  Well each time I meet with them it gets easier. This last meeting we talked about Native American Indians. I found a great story about Indian families online. Each scout took a turn reading. Then we'd talk about the paragraph they read. After that was done, we made Indian vests.  Each boy needed to come up with an Indian name to put on their vest. They had to use the pictures from their books. It turned out great. I think they really liked it.

And their favorite thing?  To play tag after while we're waiting for the parents to pick them up. I helped by being it - talk about great exercise, those boys run fast!!  AND. . . . . I forgot to take my camera, so Hayden posed for me in his cute Indian vest when we got home.

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