Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12 - New Duvet Cover

For Christmas this year, we got a new down comforter.  
Very much needed - the old one was Jeff's, from before his mission!  

Let's see that means it was 21+ years old!  Wow!  
It was still very warm but very dirty!  
I'm not going to even tell you how few times it had been washed.  
Let's just say it was NOT enough.  
So before Jeff would let me use the new down comforter,
I had to buy a duvet cover for it so we can wash it more often :) LOL

Here is the new duvet cover over our new down comforter :D 
I'm excited to break it in :D

P.S. Jeffrey won't let me get rid of his down comforter yet.  
We have to try to save him :)

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