Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 12 - Dreaming of Kauai ☺✈✲

Okay so I totally blew it today ☹ I didn't take a picture - not one, single, solitary picture ☹  Boo for me. So, I tried to think about what the theme of the day was. Cleaning (not fun - no pictures even in my head). Shopping (I have pictures in my head of the produce section at reams). But, most of the day was spent in dreaming AND actual planning to get to Kauai this year. So I not only have pictures in my head but there are all sorts of pictures on the internet.  Most of our the pictures we looked at were at the Condos at "Plantation at Princeville."  It's a new condo development. They are beautiful and cheaper than the North Shore of Oahu. Wow!  It's hard to believe, except that we kept seeing it over and over again.  Wish I was the one that took this picture, but I did find it ☹ and it did represent most of my day. It brought us a great deal of HaPpInEsS ☺☺

Take a look at this website It's so pretty isn't it? Do I have any takers? This condo has 3 bedrooms!! That means two other couples could come with us. We could split the cost and it would only be $53 a NIGHT!!!  WAHOO

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