Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 14 - Lesson Learned with a Valentine Box.

Okay, I admit it, I really blew it. I was not a good mom. Josh wanted some help with his Valentine Box the other day. I was right in the middle of something when he asked and told him that I would be glad to help him once I was finished with whatever I was doing. He, on the other hand had ants in his pants about doing it right NOW! So I proceeded to tell him that I would be glad to help him once I was finished but if he HAD to do it RIGHT NOW that he would have to do it by himself.

Well. . . . he opted to do it by himself. He asked me where a shoe box was and what paper he could use to cover it. I thought, okay, this should be good. I was naaaaaauuuuughtyyyyyyyy :( what a mean mom. I should have been thrilled that he was doing it by himself.

Well I finished with whatever I was doing and went out to see about helping him.  He had already covered the box with paper.  The top half of the shoe box was taped every so often around the sides. The bottom was covered too and was taped underneath the top sheet. I thought it looked pretty messy and he was just about to cut a hole in the top, right close to the side of the box. I was freaking out a bit and made some sort of a gasping sound as he poked the knife into the box. I said something like are you really ready to cut a hole in it right now? I made some sort of a disapproving face too.  I know, mom of the year!!  Right?>!>?  WRONG!

Right then and there Josh began to lose it. I've seen this scene before and knew I had to do some back pedaling and FAST. I tried really fast to tell him I was sorry. I told him I thought it was neat that he was figuring out how to do it all by himself. I then had to add that it didn't look like he was finished yet though and he blurted out, "Well, I'm not!!" I told him I'd be patient and let him finish. I told him I was sorry again and I wouldn't say anything else until he was done, it was probably going to turn out great!!

Well, I decided to go shopping and when I came back he sheepishly came into my bedroom holding the box behind his back. Then he showed it to me with his face hiding behind the box. WOW Josh!! was my first reaction. Josh I LOVE it! It did turn out GREAT!! I am sorry for acting like a brat. I think you did a GREAT job!! I am very impressed.

I knew I had to take a picture of the finished product today. Complete with all the valentines he'd received at school today, stuffed inside. Look at that smile!!

For me, this was a great lesson learned. I learned I need to be more patient. I learned that I need to put more "trust" in my son and what he can do; his abilities and his passions. When he puts a great effort into something like this, I should be ECSTATIC and will be. I was glad Josh forgave me for being such a pooh. I love him very much! and I LOVE that smile!!

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jen1313 said...

Good for you to let him do it by himself! It is hard to let kids do it themselves. I often have to walk away so I can let them do it themselves. He did do an awesome job!