Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 5 - Pizza Night

Tonight at about 7:00p we all got hungry real fast.  I was planning on making hamburgers tonight, but didn't really feel like it. So, decided it was Pizza Night. Can I just tell you that I love when the kids jump up and want to help. That's something I really enjoy. It's happening less and less now.

When I was visiting with Mandy her kids were begging to help with breakfast one morning. They wanted to help with everything!! I remember feeling a little overwhelmed, when my kids were little and wanted to help. . . with EVERYTHING! It was tricky to figure out how to let them help. It seemed easier to say I gotta do this one myself but you can help with "this." I saw Mandy going through the same thing.  She was good to let them help and I think she was a little overwhelmed too.  I got all teary-eyed and told her how I actually missed that. I missed this stage of life.  Now I almost have to bribe my kids to help out. I realized, at that moment, that I need to make more opportunities for my kids to want to help and LOVE it.

Anywho. . . tonight when I proclaimed that it was Pizza Night, Josh and Hayden both said, I wanna help, I'm going to go wash my hands. Putting together their "own pizza"is always fun. Zac, on the other hand was just fine with me making his. Oh boy he's already a teenager!

Love these SMILES! :)

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