Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10 - coughing, Coughing, COUGHING!!!

Today I had to try really hard to get over a grumpy.  I tried really hard to push it away as soon as I realized how grumpy I was being. Hayden called me from school today and told me that his teacher said he had to call me and either get some medicine or he had to go home. I was so frustrated about that. I've never had that happen before. I'm sorry to say that I've sent him to school a lot of times before when he has a cough/cold and it's never happened before. Hayden has a cough today and a stuffy nose. I gave him some nose spray and sent him to school. I honestly thought nothing about it.

Apparently, his teacher is a doctor and knows he's too sick to remain at school.  Whatever. . . . . . her note said (and I believe I'm quoting) "Hayden has been coughing, Coughing, COUGHING!!! he needs to get some meds or he needs to go home!" I was so mad when seeing that note and grumpily checked him out and took him home. The lady was like, you're taking him home? It says you can give him some meds, I said "I don't have medication at work for him, it's at home." She looked at me like (reeeeerrr). I apologized for being so grumpy I told her I knew it wasn't her fault it was just making me so mad.  I stepped out into the hall so she didn't have to see me and I didn't want to say anything else to her. Then she stepped out into the hall and said, "I need to see your ID before you can check him out." I know I rolled my eyes at her and got out my wallet. She said, "Sorry! It's school policy!" I said, "I didn't say anything to you about it - I'm showing you my ID!"  YIKES!!  I was an ornery girl :P

So Hayden finally got there and I took him home. I gave him some more nose spray and had him snuggle up under his blanket and try to get some rest. Love that boy :)

I know this is a stretch for being happy today, but it made me feel better knowing he was safe and warm at home - trying to rest and get better.

Plus it felt good to get out and go walking tonight and walk away the grumpies.

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