Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17 - My Lucky Green!

This was my favorite green thing today!  Ephreda, Mormon Tea Plant or Brigham Tea Plant!  Whatever you call it, I call it FaBuLoSo!!!  I'm so glad Jeffrey thought of it and made it into a tea for me!!  It was my saving grace tonight.

I have had a cough and stuffy nose this past week. It hasn't been an extremely bad cold; no sore throat, not much of a headache and I'm not stuffy during the day. But at night, I get lots of pressure and am extremely stuffy. I also have a dry, non productive cough. I feel like I am trying to cough up my toes (through my stomach!) None of which make for a great nights sleep.  I feel like I haven't slept all week long! I tried sleeping on the couch the past two nights, but it didn't really help and ended up making my back and neck hurt.

So. . .tonight Jeffrey was trying to help me think of things to do and he thought of ephedra, our mormon tea plant.  He went out in the dark and cut some of the plant up for me and he made it into a tea.  It worked great!!

It helped me breath better and in turn get more sleep. 
So. . .today my favorite green was ephedra (mormon tea plant). 
It made me feel pretty lucky ;)

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