Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19 - The Day We Get Ready for Sunday

Today was a pretty busy day. Got a lot done I must say. Among those things were, some laundry, changing of the sheets (which is always a production around here), some dishes, a little grocery shopping, twice (forgot the eggs), soccer practice, major dusting under my bed (this included a vacuum---Yikes!!), and two boys hair cuts. Oh. . . plus I made a big dinner (at least it was a big one for me - normally would have chose one or the other--not both). I made sweet-n-sour chicken AND ham fried rice! Plus I had it cooked, the boys ate with me and I got it all cleaned up (including washing the dinner dishes) by 6:10p! That's gotta be some sort of a record for me!! WOW!!

Hayden got his hair cut first and he was giving me quite a fit about it. The only way I got him to let me cut his hair was to take a before and after picture. All of a sudden he says to me, "Mom, you have to take a picture of me first. You know for the "before" picture." I couldn't argue with that. I did pitch a little fit about cutting his whole head of hair with scissors and my fingers only. NO CLIPPERS!! He insisted. Then he whined a little bit. Then he whined a little louder and wiggled quite a bit and almost got his ear snipped. Then he wondered, out loud, "How much longer is this gonna take Mom?!" I grumpily responded, "Hayden you are the one that insisted on doing it with scissors and my fingers only - NO CLIPPERS!! It's gonna take longer this way. So just sit still until I'm done!"  Yikes! This momma was being ornery.

So today, you get the "after" picture. Which made me smile and feel happy. No more ornery momma Ü

I love those eyes!!

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