Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21 - Eye Doctor. . . . Finally!!

Well, about a month ago, I took Josh to get an annual check up and his final set of shots so that we could register him for 7th Grade. That's right, Josh is going to 7th Grade next year!!!

Anyway. . . as part of  the check up, they did a little eye exam to check his vision. . . . . . . . . . . It didn't go well. The nurse said something like, 'well mom, guess you'll be getting this boy some glasses.' Hmmmmm, not what I wanted to hear. :(

Well, ever since that date, (like I said about a month ago) Josh has been asking me if he could go to the eye doctor. I have been putting it off.  I don't want Josh to have to wear glasses. Boo :( :(

Well, it's taken persistent asking on Josh's part to get me to finally get him an eye appointment.  The first round of calls did not go well.  The cost for an eye exam is surprising. The first call I made was for $150! What are you kidding me?  The next place I called said it would be $110. I was complaining a bit about it at work. Debbie told me about Costco how they only charge $50 and then Leslie said that she found Eye Masters only charges $39.  So. . . .here's a shout out for Eye Masters $39 eye exam!! Very impressive!  They did a great job. I thought it seemed very thorough. First she took a picture of his eyes which seemed like  a digital scan of his eyes. Then he had the blow test. That was not his favorite, but he did it well! The last time they tried that with me, they never got it. I was horrible!

Then the eye doctor came in and took a lot of time with him. He was very patient with him and worked to find his best prescription. At the end we discovered that Josh's eyes are healthy, they look and respond like they are supposed to. We also found out that both eyes have an astigmatism. His left eye is 20/40 and his right eye is 20/30. The doctor said that he was giving him a mild prescription because his eyes will grow and develop a lot in the next few years.  he's hoping the mild prescription will allow his eyes to do just that, he may even grow out of it.

Next step. . . . glasses!

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