Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26 - Alien Skin

From the time my kids were little they loved to take bath's. It was always hard to get them in and even harder to get them out. I began telling them that when their skin turned prunee that meant they had alien skin and they were turning into an alien!!  The aliens were coming to turn them into aliens! They better get out so that they would turn back into a boy. It always worked, they would get out fast. They didn't want to become an alien.

Now it's just a joke. They started laughing at me when I would tell them that as they got older. They got smarter and said that they wanted to turn into an alien - let's see what I'll look like.

But here's proof, the aliens were getting my kids today in the swimming pool. I think they have cute little alien hands, don't you?!  LOL  Ü

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