Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 6 - Purple Potatoes

Have you ever bought these little fingerling potatoes from Costco? They are so fun! They are inexpensive and they are so cute. I can't get over the purple potatoes. When I cut through them the first time they were purple all the way through! Wha?!!  That is freaking awesome!!  I love it!  It made me wish that the red ones were the same way. 

I used these little baddies for dinner tonight. I also used the leftover prime rib from Jeffrey's yummy dinner last night and made a homemade stew. I have to say I did good :)  I guess it's not hard to make a good stew with prime rib!

Now, who's making dinner tomorrow night?

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Nikki said...

Purple potatoes, who knew? Those are so cool, I am going to have to get some