Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2 - Conference Weekend is Here :)

I love conference weekend. I love all of it. I love being able to watch it on TV. I love having the family together all day long. I love making a big breakfast. I love seeing them on TV. I love it when they "make a funny" during their talk.

Dallin H. Oaks gave a wonderful talk on DESIRE.  He made great comments like "What we insistently desire over time is what we will eventually become."  "Begin with a desire. . . and call upon our loving Heavenly Father for help with our feelings."  This picture was just after he had talked to the single men.  "Single men, please consider the challenge in this letter written by a single sister. 'The men seem to be blinded and confused as to whether it is their responsibility to seek out these wonderful choice daughters of our Heavenly Father and court them and be willing to make and keep sacred covenants in the Lord’s house.' She concluded, 'There are many single LDS men here that are happy to go out and have fun and date and hang out but have absolutely no desire to ever make any kind of commitment to a woman.'  I’m sure that some anxiously seeking young men would want me to add that there are some young women who’s desires (Audience breaks into laughter here – we did too. It made me smile big) for a worthy marriage and children rank far below their desires for a career or other mortal distinctions. Both men and women need righteous desires that will lead them to eternal life."

I love making traditions. For a long time now I've wanted to do something fun in between the sessions on Saturday. This year we got donuts from Beyond Glaze in between conferences. Next year I'd like to go get ice cream or a shake or even out to eat in between. This year we did a little b-day shopping for Jeffrey. We found some great things he is very excited about.

Then, Jeff, Zac and Gpa Quick went to the Priesthood Session. I want them to start a fun tradition of going out for dessert afterwards. I'll have to convince Jeffrey to do that though. So, we will see.  And when Hayden's 12 - I'm going to have to have a girls night out. Anyone wanna plan that one with me?  :D

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