Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25 - Strawberry Starts

Today Jeff's dad brought us some strawberry starts - over 100 of them! That was really lucky - huh?! when I got home from work today, Jeffrey was out on a walk, but he had started preparing the front  flower bed to plant them. That scene was very motivating. So I went inside, changed my clothes and got to town. Ripping out our dead mums and those crazy hyacinth's that seem to have babies each year even thought we ripped them out last year, they keep coming back.  It was looking so good when he got back from his walk.

He began helping me to form the flower bed and get it ready to plant all those starts. As I was planting the starts he continued working on the rest of our flower beds. Weeding and raking. He made them look so great. Love my Jeffrey!  Love it when he helps me, love that synergy that happens when we work together. Makes me wanna bust out in song "When we're helping we're happy and we sing as we go!"

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Kami said...

One of my favorite things to do with M is work in the yard. Glad I'm not the only crazy wife!