Saturday, June 25, 2011

Handsome Brothers

Today these brothers got along really well. I love it when that happens. I like to see them being kind to each other, not competing or fighting - just getting along really well. Zac has been gone most of the week at Youth Conference and believe it or not we all missed him. We hardly see him now a days, but we really did miss him lots.

I decided it was time to do a little shopping. Zac wanted to stay home having just been gone for 4 days and Josh did not want to go at all!! He needs shorts though. All the "hand me downs" don't quite fit him yet, they're just too big. I told him he had to go. He was not too thrilled until he got to try out lots of samples at Sam's Club - that was the ticket.

Hayden has been wearing this bright red hat with an american flag across the brim. I don't even remember where he got it, but lets just say it's not my favorite. He wears it a lot though and it's too big for him. It's time to get him a hat that would fit and "blend in" better :)

Zac, got new sun glasses just before he went to Youth Conference. (I know not a great idea to send him with something brand new to camp - right?!) Right. . . . .He came home without them. When I asked what had happened. Someone took the glasses from him - joking around - but broke them. Cheap glasses!!  So when Josh, Hayden and I were out shopping we found some just like his "old" ones and bought them. They were on sale too!!  Bonus!!

Love it when these brothers get along and love each other. It was a great day :)

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Kami said...

Jealous! I haven't had all three of my boys getting along since....never!