Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Chapman Crew

So this weekend we get to have the Chapman's over for a visit. They will be staying with us until Tuesday. Isaac is the oldest of the crew and he is in full swing as a teenager. He loves to text and play on his cell phone, watch tv and play video games. We think he fits right in around here. Next in line is Mikaela. She is so happy and always seems to be smiling. She loves her brother and sister very much. She likes to be silly and is very imaginative. It's fun having her around. Last, but not least is little Callista. She is full of spunk and passion. She lets you know how she's doing. She tells you sweet little things that she likes about you. We like having her around to bring some extra sweetness in our house.

Hope they think their stay is a happy one. We're glad they're here.

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