Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grape Vines

Continuing with the theme this week, now I take you to our Grape Vines. Last year these poor vines got some sort of blithe (at least that's what Jeff called it). To me it looked like all the leaves had mold on them. And all of the grapes that grew turned dry and hard. It was so sad.

So this fall, Jeff cut them all WAY back and hoped that would do the trick. Well, so far, so good. They are all looking healthy and even filling in. When this spring time started I wasn't so sure. It seemed as if it took FOREVER for the first few leaves to poke out. I was worried he cut them back so far that he did damage. I was wrong.

Now the trick will be to keep those birds from eating them all. They are already staking out the joint.

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