Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our New Home . . . .

At least for the next 3 days, this is going to be our new home. Isn't it beautiful.

That's right, we are camping again. This time in Ashley National Forest at Upper Still Water Dam. It was beautiful up there. Pines and Aspens, doesn't get much better than that for camping. I thought it was just beautiful. I'm excited to once again to be enjoying the great outdoors. I have to say that camping this year has been awesome. We have already made it on two camping trips this year. Last year we didn't even do one - which is really unusual for our family. We do at least one every year.

Camping has been much more enjoyable now that my boys are older and can entertain themselves. It's also been awesome to go with family and great friends. Not to mention they stay TEN TIMES cleaner than ever before. LOVE IT!!  :)

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