Monday, August 22, 2011

An Acoustic One

This year as one of Zac's electives, he signed up for guitar. We then found out that he can't learn on his electric on it needs to be an acoustic one. Oh boy!! So. . . we had to get him a new guitar to take to the class. I think this kid is a little spoiled. This is the one he picked - when we played one of the other guitars there in the Guitar Shop he liked it better. The sound was so nice a lot better. But for now, this one is good enough to practice on and if he chooses acoustic over his electric he can buy one that's better later on.

It does have pretty good sound and it's all black (which he loves). I just hope he learns A LOT in school and keeps it up. He's been slackin' this summer and couldn't even remember his cords :(

Hope it comes back fast.

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