Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deacon Responsibilities Done

Josh is officially a deacon. He discovered and completed a lot of new responsibilities. He accomplished a lot of firsts today.

This morning around 10:50a he got a call to come help with collecting fast offerings. Right as we pulled up to the church he asked me "mom, what do I do?" I told him quickly that he will be the one at the door waiting for me to write out a check and give it back to him in an envelope. He seemed really nervous, but he was willing to get ready quickly when he was called and he just went right in to the church ready to go and do what he'd been asked to do. I have to tell you I was really impressed with that. Josh isn’t the quickest of the Quick family (haha) and he often drags his feet a bit. But today he responded quickly and I was super impressed. Ü

Next off was at church today. He was asking me all morning if he was going to be passing the sacrament today. I told him I wasn't sure. They might ask him, and they might give him until next week where he didn't even get to practice. I told him to be prepared as best as he can. He'd watched the young men in our ward pass the sacrament a lot and he really will just have to do it to learn.

Well, when we got to church, sure enough they expected him to pass the sacrament. He looked at me like, “really!?!” So, I made a point of asking him if he was okay or did he want to try next week? He said he was fine. Again, I was impressed with his willingness to do what was asked of him. They had him in "Position 1." Which means he takes the sacrament to the Bishop and his Counselors and everyone on the stand and then down the north side of the church. He did great. He didn't really even seem nervous until he was finished and had to wait for the rest of the young men to finish. I thought he did a great job for his first time.

I actually got all choked up watching him. I did that with Zac too. I think I feel the spirit telling me this is good. It's that kind of feeling you get when you  have your family with you at the temple together. Just joy and happiness that you are holding tight to the rod right now and you might just make it through this crazy world.

Then after church today he was asked to help clean up the ward house a bit. I’m still not sure what he did, I need to ask him. So, with his deacon responsibilities done, at least for today, he accomplished lots of "firsts" and it made me feel happy. I was so proud of him and all that he was willing to do. It was so neat to see him sort of grow up right in front of my eyes. These are the moments I want to keep close to my heart and always remember.

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