Friday, August 26, 2011

Hanging With Friends

Zac loves to hang out with friends. He’s a good friend. I’ve been impressed with the friends he’s chosen too. His friends are good friends too. The only thing, is he seems to be constantly at someone else’s house. Sometimes I wish he hung out here more. How do I make our house more friend worthy. They can hang out in the back yard, downstairs, he has his own room, we always have snacks in the house. He has video games and Netflix, movies upon movies and we usually only check on him to see if he wants snacks. I asked Zac this question and he said we need Xbox, Playstation or a bigger computer.

Well, apparently we don’t have the right media equipment. Blah, I think I’ll put in a exercise equipment, a hot tub or a swimming pool instead, maybe that will do the trick!!

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