Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Hiker

Today we went to Timpanogos Cave and Hayden was quite a trooper. He didn’t even complain at all - on the way up that is. Going down was a little bit harder I guess. He like the cave though he had a great time, but I guess it got a little too cold in there for him. He also had to “go” on the way down which made it hard to keep walking because with each step it was shaking him and felt like it was going to come out. Oh dear :D  Well, decided to sing a little song, music usually makes me feel happy pretty fast and it worked with Hayden too. After I finished my song, he shared a couple of songs with me. He had learned them at school this past week. He even did some actions to the song. We were the last one off the hill and I have to admit that bugged me a bit, I hate being last. But he and I made some cute memories coming down the hillside together, it was hard to be bugged for too long.

This smile melts my heart :D

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Kami said...

I think I freak H out because I always say hi to him at school and he has no idea who I am. Please tell him I'm not a psycho!