Saturday, August 13, 2011

Josh’s Schedule

Josh got his schedule for Middle School in the mail today. It was a very exciting moment in our house! He’s excited about it, and sort of nervous too because that means school is getting closer.

He got the classes he asked for and a big surprise class too. Do you see it? He got HONORS Math!!  Wow we are super impressed with that. Did you know they place them in their math classes? Ya, they do. The school looks at his past test scores and places them in their math classes. That means, Josh ROCKS in math!!  Zac was impressed too (in a sort of jealous sounding kinda way ;)

Josh also has Beginning Theatre which I think will be awesome. I think he might end up really liking it. I hope he will. He is often very dramatic and he loves to be goofy. I’m glad he asked me if he could give it a try. I hope it ends up being a great choice.

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