Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rec Center Fun

I’m very grateful for moments like these. When these brothers get along they are the best of friends. I love it. I hope they stay good friends for a long time. They had a lot of fun today. Together and apart.

We took the Chapman’s to the J.L. Sorenson Recreation Center today. We finally got in! Yay! I have to say it was fun! They have a fun kids area with shallow areas where Hayden could stand with his head above the water. He practiced jumping in over and over again with a friend that was there too. They have a fun lazy river and Josh & Mikaela enjoyed going around and around again and again. Then they have the deep end where they have lap pools and diving boards. Zac & Isaac seemed to like that area the best. Then they have a fun kids area with a Nemo slide and stair way with lots of spray stuff. It took Callista some time before she finally decided that it was super fun to go down the slides. She made a few fast friends and they played and played together. I think it was a big success.

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