Friday, September 30, 2011

Porsche Ride to School

Today was my Friday off. Last time I had Friday off Hayden asked me to take him to school. Okay, so admitting this doesn't make me very happy, but I told him no. I was being just that lazy. So, when he asked me if I'd take him to school this time, I couldn't resist and wanted to make up for last time too.

Jeff made the suggestion of taking him in the Porsche. That decision was the best one yet. Oh, how happy that made Hayden. He had a smile ear to ear the whole time. He couldn't wipe it off his face.

He had to wave at EVERYONE!!  He yelled and yelled at some of his friends that he saw walking. They didn't see him. But Mrs. Nelson was out front when we pulled up and he ran to tell her about being brought in the Porsche today. She was so cute she stood and waived with great excitement to see me pull away. I think that made his morning!!

I know it made mine Ü

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