Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm very happy that Jeffrey has the motivation to do some canning. Without him our shelves would only have store bought items on them and I love so much having homemade things in our food storage!!

Today when I came home for lunch, Jeff had everything set up ready to make salsa. Yum-O!!  I love Jeff's homemade salsa. He makes the best! He knows how to mix flavors and make it taste so good. He makes up his own recipes. I have no idea where the last one went, I'm even questioning whether or not he wrote it down. He did not make that mistake again. He wrote out all the ingredients he used to make this batch and I'm glad he did, it turned out FABULOSO!! I did have a little bit of  time to help a little bit during my lunch break. But I  was only able to cut up some onions and peel the garlic - wooohooo!! pathetic ;)

Thanks hon!! Having this on our shelves for food storage makes me very happy!!

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Kami said...

Send that recipe on over!