Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Surprise Present for Me :)

We realized last night that we didn’t buy enough towel hooks. We needed one for a hand towel by the sink. So today Jeff finished putting up all the towel hooks and went back to the store to get one for the hand towel by the sink.

When we were trying to pick out hooks for the bathroom, we would go through and I would say how about that one? Jeff would either say maybe or I don’t like it. Well we couldn’t agree on any of them at Home Depot so we decided to see what Lowe’s had. We found some cutesie ones in the hardware isle. One of them had little clear door knob like things on the top of the hook. One had a dragonfly - I really like the dragon fly. We also found the hooks that are now in our bathroom.

When I got home from lunch I had to come and see how the finished look, looked. Guess what he bought? He bought the dragon fly hook we had seen!! Awwww that was such a surprise and it’s so cute!! It just made my day.

♡ it!  ♡ it! 

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Kami said...

So it!