Sunday, October 2, 2011

Carpet for Sale

Okay so last weekend I listed an inversion table through KSL Classifieds. We started getting calls on it around Thursday and ended up selling it on Saturday. A pretty typical scenario if you ask me. Thought I'd do that again with carpet remnants this time. Thought we'd follow about the same timeline again and have it sold this weekend. That is not what happened. I guess Jeff priced the carpet to SELL.  We had a call almost within 5 minutes of listing it. He asked a few questions and told me he'd come and get it in the morning around 7:30 am. Well, there you go. The carpet is sold, I thought. That was super easy.

We had dinner downstairs and watched a show with the boys. Then we went for a little drive. By the time we'd come home, we'd missed about 4 calls. I was going through the messages when the phone rang again. It was about the carpet add. This guy asked several questions and then told me he would be by tomorrow after work to get it. I should have left it at that, but I didn't. I told him we already had someone interested and he was coming to get it in the morning. He sounded disappointed and tried to get me to hold it for him instead. I told him no, we usually just handle these things first come first serve. He sounded disappointed and the call was over.

We didn't want to call anyone else back until after tomorrow ~ this was pretty CRAZY!! However, about half an hour later that guy called back - he was like well if you do it first come first serve then I'm going to be the first one there tomorrow.  So can I come about 7:00am. I thought oh dear what did I do?  I felt bad at that point because that other guy was planning on coming around 7:30 am. I decided to call him and give him a heads up. It ended up that he was really serious about the carpet and decided he'd better come tonight. Mind you it was 9:30pm at this point. I can't believe how Crazy people get over a great deal. We told him we'd prefer not to do business on Sunday. He said he'd just come pay for it and pick it up in the morning.

We agreed to that suggestion and BOOM just like that! The carpet was SOLD!! Pretty funny!

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