Thursday, October 27, 2011

Haunted Woods

Tonight for scouts we thought it would be fun to do something spooky. Being it’s so close to Halloween. So, we went to the Haunted Woods at Camp Tracy.

At first Hayden was a little nervous about it, but he seemed like he’d be fine. Well, when we got there - all the way up there - about an hour drive - he announces that he’s not going. He’ll be fine just sitting and watching Scooby Doo while everyone else goes. Are ya kiddin’ me?

I tried being fine with this, but I quickly discovered that EVERYBODY else was going. I’d feel weird leaving him alone and I felt dumb staying with him. I know that is not a very good example to give into peer pressure but I began pleading with Hayden that everyone else was going we should go too. I’d be right next to him the whole time. I’d hold his hand and put him behind me. He kept saying no. Then I heard it - there was a hay ride. Hayden don’t you wanna go on a hayride?  That got him. That worked! He and I both thought that we could go on the hayride and come back too.

Uh-oh that was not the case. They booted us off and then just as we thought we could walk back down to the hayride - they began to leave. We were stuck.

We made it! But not without a few screams and even a bawling moment. I am staying quiet about which one of bawled but I think you can guess who ;)  Regardless, we made it through !! Found out that Hayden is even more scared than I am of being scared like that. I’m not sure Hayden will EVER do a haunted house again. But he made it through this time. And I do plan to use that against him ;) in the future ;) haha

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