Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Henry Herriman

So last night was the scout presentation which I did not go to because we were celebrating with Zac at Café Río. Yum!! I did prepare a presentation for the boys all about their tour at Herriman City. They learned many things but they also learned that our city was named after Henry Herriman.

The boys are always afraid to tell me what they think of him. But you can see in their eyes that if they saw this picture hanging in a dark hallway at night they would all run down that hall. I know it! It’s spooky. I think it looks like one of those pictures you see hanging on the walls in Scooby Doo. No kidding!

But, I am thankful for him. He was willing to come here with one of only 3 other families and start a community here. I love it here and am very grateful he came after Thomas Butterfield found a water source in Butterfield Canyon.

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