Sunday, October 23, 2011

Silver Lake

Thanks for the "strangers by" who took a family photo for us today :)

We decided to go for a drive up to silver fork. I wanted to see the fall leaves. We were almost too late, the leaves were almost all gone, but not completely.

I loved the drive on the way and on the way down. It's funny what I didn't see on the way up that I did see on the way down. All of it was beautiful. A little chili, but so pretty.

We walked around the lake. The shaded side was cold but the part in the sun was wonderful. The lake was so calm and like a big mirror to the sky.

It was a fast little jaunt, we were all tempted by the Silver Fork Lodge Restaurant, but it was Sunday so that's a no go if we want to keep the sabbath day holy.

Maybe we'll go back soon.

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