Saturday, October 15, 2011

When We're Helping We’re Happy

Really? It didn’t last long with my boys.

Actually it started out so great. I asked them if they would please help me with a special chore today and I was delighted that I didn’t get a single complaint!  Not a single one!!  I thought to myself, this is going great!! I explained how dad had worked hard at cutting back the ivy yesterday and I needed their help bagging up all of it. They seemed to act like, piece of cake. They all pitched in and it was going swimmingly.  Then Josh asked me if this could be his chore for the day and when they were done could they go play with friends? I proceeded to explain that this was a Special Saturday chore and he still needed to do chores inside.

And the complaining and whining began :( boo.

At that point I left and helped Jeffrey out front with the flower bed weeding. Amazingly I only heard one other outburst out back and the next thing I knew they came out joyfully explaining that they were done. I asked them to get a rake and finish by raking up the rest of the leaves on the ground. They explained that they already had done that!!

Wahoo!! I was so impressed and they were SO HAPPY again!!

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Kami said...

I LOVE your stone wall back there!