Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven, 11, Eleven

Tonight Emalee planned a party to celebrate 11-11-11.  Fun! So we started with Hawaiian Haystacks and had 11 toppings. We planned to play 11 games. That didn’t pan out as well, but we did play some games. The kids played a lot too - hmm maybe we did play 11 games (combined). Then we thought it would be fun to play bingo - which IS a game of numbers. That was fun!! We also realized that Grandma has 11 grandchildren and the 11th one was born in 2011!!  That's cool - eh?!

In this picture we had drinks to make a toast at 11:11 pm.  It was such a Fun Night ~ thanks for thinkin' of it Emalee!!

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