Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Hat

Here’s a little funny fact about me. I <3 hats!! Love them. Lately, I’m starting some sort of a collection.  I got one for Christmas too. They’re just fun. 

I’ve not worn them much before for two reasons. First reason, I have a huge head. Serious. I really do. When it says one size fits all, they mean everyone but Cindy :)  Second reason, is my ears. I hate my ears. A long, long time ago my sister called me dumbo ears and it just sunk in too much. I was (still sorta am) such a worry wart. I couldn’t get over the worry that I had big ears and people would make fun of me.

Fast forward about 15 years in the future and look at me now LoL ;)


jen1313 said...

She was crazy and just teasing anyway. You DON'T have dumbo ears and never did! Glad you're getting past it.

Kami said...

Is it just me, or does that hat match your new shoes?

Nikki said...

This really struck a cord with me, Cindi. I was teased as a kid about having "dumbo ears" too and my ears still bother me to this day. I wouldn't wear my hair in a pony tail for the longest time because of it, like years and years. It's really sad how a little comment can affect us so much. I think you look beautiful.

Kathleen White said...

I hope it wasn't me :( I was called so many names (buck tooth beaver), I hope I was smart enough not to do it to you. I think you have tiny ears and you look adorable in that hat! I didn't know you liked hats - that's cool.