Friday, December 30, 2011

New Shoes ~ Cheater Too :)

Okay so these last few posts are so so lame, I know and it makes me feel even worse that I cheated. But I had to cheat to finish out the year.  I’m admitting it - I didn’t take a single picture after Christmas. I just ran out of steam. So I had to cheat and add some stuff that I got for Christmas to finish the year off. Sorry all, hoping to continue this blog for next year.  (Even though today is actually Jan 15 and I don’t know if I have enough pictures for this year so far either - aaaahhhh bleh!)

I have loved looking back through this blog and maybe no one else even cares - but I do.  It brings back happy memories and helps me remember little things that happened through out the year. I’ve loved it and want to continue on, so I might have to cheat to catch up.

It has brought me a great deal of happiness and I hope it will this next year too.


jen1313 said...

Cheating is totally okay. I've totally loved this. It's helped me to get to know you better and see some of the things that are important in your life. Thanks for letting me see into your heart a bit.

Kami said...

Sometimes I 'cheat' by throwing in something that happened another day, but got beat out by something more important. Or I skip days here and there. I think that's part of the story, too!