Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan 16 - New Apple Computer

I realized today that I never introduced you to my new computer. So here she is - my new apple computer. I made the switch from PC to Apple and so far, I am not disappointed!!  It's taken some getting used to but there are a lot of things on this computer that a PC just doesn't have.  

For example the mac is always ready for you.  When you open it up, it's ready.  There is no loading up.  It's just always right there when you open it up. I love that!!  I love the features it has and how they work with the internet too.

It is also very well built.  It feels well made. It feels strong and slim.  I really like the color and I love the key board too.

I've always heard - once you switch to an Apple, you'll never go back.  Looks like that's true for me too.  Hope we can switch them all over this year.  It will take some time to pay it off though.  Haven't put something on credit like this for a while, but I've decided it's well worth it :D

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