Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 15 - Lost Tooth

This afternoon around 2:30p or so, Josh came into my room in a panic.  I wasn't quite sure what was wrong yet, but it was clear he was hurting.  He had a mouth full of food and what looked like some blood. 
He looked quite scared and my heart was racing.

We found out he bit down on a loose tooth and must have jammed a sharp root into his mouth.  He said that he bit down on his tooth and now it was stuck.

Jeffrey (the level headed one) quickly plugged the sink in our bathroom and had him spit out his food and blood :{ in the sink.  Making sure the tooth wasn't in there, he had him rinse out his mouth.  

Ah ha!  The tooth was still in his mouth!  (At this point Josh was crying and wasn't quite ready for his mouth to be touched.  Josh had to rinse one more time. Then Jeff said, "okay I'm just going to feel your tooth, I'm just going to feel it okay." Josh nodded yes, took a deep breath and opened up.  Jeff said he reached in got a hold of the tooth, wiggled it carefully, and realized it was already out - it was just sitting there.  He pulled up on it and WAHLAH!!  The tooth was out!! Whew!

Then the tears came, and mom stepped in for the hugs. I found a piece of gauze - rolled it up and let him bite on that.

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